DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow

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DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow 

Recently, slow jigging has taken off and proved itself as a productive method of catching various species (Blue-runners, flat-fish, rock-fish, etc.). The Drag Metal Cast slow has been developed through careful evaluation of the method and how it is so productive. The asymmetrical flat side of the body creates a short pitched fluttering during the fall, giving fish a short but necessary time to bite, while reducing the drag against the lure which can be quite stressful for anglers fishing all day long.

Weights: 15g, 20g, 30g and 40g 

Hooks: 1 Assist + 1 Treble

  • 15G
  • 20G
  • 30G
  • 40G
  • 005 Silver
  • 026 Red Gold
  • Rainbow
  • Zebra Glow
  • 187 Blue Pink Sardine
  • 011 Sardine
  • Pink Zebra Glow
  • Pink Gold Zebra Glow

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