Dubai is located on Arabian Gulf, however it is not easy to find a good fishing location. Many anglers that live in UAE or come for vacation from abroad are interested to find out Dubai fishing spots. First of all to fish on Dubai shores anglers need to acquire fishing license for Dubai Municipality, it is free but requires some documents.

Once license is ready you can hit Dubai shores to catch many different species, however there is some access restrictions. With the increase of new developments in Dubai there is limited access, but still plenty of areas to fish. Some of the locations are: public beaches on Jumeirah, Shindagha channel opposite to fish market, Maktoum bridge and Garhoud bridge.

When it comes to fishing on the beach avoid fishing in the areas where people are swimming, there is usually plenty of stone water brakes that are ignored by beachgoers. However make sure that you live no trash behind and keep you fishing spots clean. One of the reasons some areas were denied access is for some anglers that keep polluting spots and leaving baits that rotten.

One of the other options is to hire fishing charters or rent kayaks or fishing jet skis for your Dubai fishing experience, however there is some areas that are not permitted to fish like: Dubai Eye development near DEWA plant, inside palm Jumeirah (allowed only for residents of the palm), The World Islands. Usually, guides that take you for fishing are aware of those locations and will guide you to best available fishing spots in Dubai. Finally, the best option is to team up with your fellow anglers and try to explore and find your Dubai fishing spots, or don't limit yourself and explore whole UAE and there is many spots available, except Sharjah City which is completely banned for shore fishing.