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Tailwalk Speaky 3000HGX

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Tailwalk's first compact spinning reel

Tailwalk's first compact spinning reel has been tested every day. Our testers and captains went fishing every day and tailwalk has improved many times from their reliable opinions. In conclusion, the reel won the high durability and silky reeling. Even if you use the reel by saltwater, the silky reeling lasts for a long time because of the durability.

3000 size

Smooth Drag

Let us break down the details of SPEAKY’s drag power. The 2000 & 2500 sizes use rug-free felt washers which is prioritized on the good start with the light line, assuming that these models will be used frequently for bass, trout, egging, light salt game fishing, etc. The 3000 & 3500 sizes have a tough array carbon drag washer that can withstand with unexpectedly big fish in light offshore games such as light shore jigging, surfing, TAI RUBBER, and super light jigging. All of SPEAKY models have a great feature in common. The drag system has a gradual adjustment range, which can be kept as your most preferable setting on the “keep range drag system”. This system avoids the “extreme tightening or looseness” that often occurs when adjusting the drag knob during the fighting. Having said that the SPEAKY allows you to maintain a moderate tension within the drag range you want to use the most. It corresponds to the current fishing scene that often uses light lines, also easy for beginners to use. On the stick-slip test, this series marked and is proven that the drag system allows you to maintain a certain number. (*Numerical reference is based on 30 m pull /1.8 kg setting)

Rug Free Felt Washer

For the 2000 & 2500 drag settings prioritize smoothness and constructed with a rug-free felt washer. Drag image: 2000 & 2500 / Based on approx.700g, when loosening 180 degrees, it downs to 200g. Approx. 180g tightened, approx. 250g up. (Reference from other companies: Range of 350g to 400g when setting to 180 degrees) *the drag standard is higher, the width per 180-degree rotation goes larger.

Tough Array Carbon Drag Washer

3000 & 3500 drag setting is built with a tough array carbon drag washer that prioritizes durability. Based on approx.700g, when loosening 180 degrees, it downs to approx 300g. Approx.180g tightened, approx. 350 up. *the drag standard is higher, the width per 180-degree rotation goes larger.

Smooth Gear Aluminum Machine Cut

The gear part is the heat of SPEAKY, and this is made with a technology called 3D aluminum machine cut gear system. This was featured for the first time in the history of our brand. During creating this product, our goal was to make the best spinning capability and quality. These features are usually adopted in the top quality models only. 

The accuracy of each gear has excellent smoothness, which has the ultimate feeling to it. The material of the drive gear is made with super duralumin. It is lightweight and strong enough for tough fishing situations. Blue fish, red sea bream, seabass… we have repeated field tests for a long time and finally created the amazing model for professional anglers or fishing guides who can use them with great satisfaction.

Balanced, Versatile Gear

Body, gear… The “winding feeling” changes greatly depending on the balance and combination of each part. It can be said that we precisely created the adjustment of the gears. It has a versatile gear ratio that is useful in various fishing styles such as bass fishing and rockfish games. By having a clearance with a width between parts, the smoothness is maintained and it has an amazing balance for just the right adjustment. 

Main shaft

The ultra-super duralumin main shaft technology creates a lightweight and smooth vibration system.

Handle knob shape

2000 has a 50mm EVA flat knob, 2500 has a 55mm rubber T-knob, 3000 has a 60mm rubber T-knob, 3500 has a 60mm EVA round-knob size. The handle is a screw-type that directly tightens the drive gear which is to reduce the rattling of the handle.

Body Material

The body and rotor are made with the technology called ” the engineering plastic (polyamide) T.S.C.B ” which contains a reinforced carbon component. This is used for the main parts such as the body and rotor of SPEAKY. T.S.C.B allows designing the wonderful balance as the product is thin and lightweight yet durable. It also has the strength of resistance to corrosion. The reel foot center was set slightly behind, aiming to improve the body balance.

Bale Arm

The SPEAKY bale uses an integrated stainless bale arm that does not catch the line. After casting, the bale arm retrieves firmly, eliminating twisting and fluffing of the line. It also plays a role in preventing line troubles in the next cast.

Rotor Balance

Focusing on winding comfort, SPEAKY is particular about rotor balance. Choose the most balanced setting from many prototypes by size. Also, it creates a uniform line winding condition. You can experience how comfortable it is when using especially in the deep water. 


Spool design and shape have full of originality. It has a uniform line winding condition. A standard spool features a deep groove type that is adaptable to thick to an ultra-thin line. The shallow groove spool is available as an option (sold separately) for the 2000 & 2500 series.

Waterproof Function

Waterproof Function

Equipped with a rubber packing on the drag part which prevents water from entering the drag washer. The rubber packing and cap are also used for the one-way part, this allows us to endure for long use.


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