Daiwa RX Lure Game 6-7ft Spinning Rod

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Size: 602LFS
Sale priceDhs. 140.00 AED


The RX reed series from Daiwa is here to become the introductory line of reeds, for friends of coastal technicians, who want to start the techniques of Light Rock Fishing, Spinning and Heavy Spinning. The Daiwa company wanted to create a range of reeds that were worthy of its reputation, but at the same time accessible to as many coastal fishermen as possible. With this goal, Daiwa created a unique range of reeds, which allows every fan of Light Game techniques to start fishing with artificial, or silicones, with a flawless rod at a very affordable price.

And this series was named Daiwa RX Lure Game. An economical, but without “savings” series of reeds, made with high standards, without making discounts on the quality of construction and materials. The short Butt of the RX Lure Game Will help the novice Spinner to execute Jerks and Twitches accurately without tiring. All the reeds of the RX Lure Game series have a Hook Holder at the beginning of the butt so that our movements on the rocks become easier without being hindered by our artificial baits. This particular line of reeds of Daiwa is already successful in every respect.



Length 6ft 7ft 7ft
Sections 2 2 2
Closed Length
109cm 110cm
Cast  weight
5-14g 5-14g 7-21g

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