Intech FC Shock Leader Flurocarbon Line | 25m

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Size: 3.7lb
Sale priceDhs. 15.00 AED


Intech FC Shock Leader is produced from 100% Fluorocarbon, so it does not change its properties when the temperature drops during fishing does not age due to ultraviolet,anti hygroscopic, and persistent to abrasion. Twice as heavy as a simple line and 78% heavier than water. Because fluorocarbon does not absorb water, its structure and strength are not changed, the diameter remains the same, and therefore visibility is not increased.

- Increased rigidity;
- Abrasion resistance;
- The precision of the declared parameters (thickness and load);
- Durability;
- Resistance to UV radiation;

3.7lb 0.161
5.7lb 0.200
7.7lb 0.234
54lb 0.738

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