Molix S Popper 110 | Size: 11 cm | 38g

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Color: Striped Pink
Sale priceDhs. 51.00 AED


The new Molix S Popper 110 features a modern design and features, pretty unique we would say, which increase its potential. The aerodynamic profile of the S Popper 110 benefits the angler who wants to increase the casting range even against a strong wind, while the weights balance combined with the body design makes it stable even swimming in rough seas. The use high quality ABS and a thru wire construction gives the lure great strength, not less robust are the treble hooks and split rings, top quality.

The S Popper 110 is a bait suited to large predators of the Mediterranean and to small and medium-sized tropical critters. Jerked regularly or stretching the jerk can create real “tunnel” of bubbles, it also comes in handy when you need to recover ultra-fast when it maintains stability without jumping out of the water. This combination of such distinct features make of the S Popper 110 a bait at 360 °.

Length: 11 cm (4.1/4 in)
Weight: 38 g (1.3/8 oz)

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