Mustad Moonriser Jig | 90-250g

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Weight: 90g
Color: Blue Sardine (BSD)
Sale priceDhs. 35.00 AED


The Moonriser jig is slim profile jig with weight concentration near its head. It is a highly versatile jig that attracts different species. Due to its streamline design, it descends quickly and is great for fishing spots that hold structures, such as wrecks. It cuts through water with minimal resistance and allows the angler to jig in deeper water. Slower and longer strokes are ideal for working the Moonriser and this less intense technique allows anglers to continuously jig for a longer duration, increasing the chance of a strike


    Weight (g)
    6" 90g
    6.5" 120g
    7" 150g
    7.5" 200g
    8.5" 250g

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