Zman Kicker Crabz 3.5inch | 3pcs per pack

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Color: Slam Shady
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A first of its kind crab imitation, the Z-Man Kicker CrabZ accurately imitates a sideways swimming crab--the exact action that’s hotly pursued by redfish and other inshore predators. Buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech material mimics the natural defensive upward claw posture of crustaceans, while outlasting other soft plastic baits by wide margins. Realistic crab profile sports lifelike kicker claw, segmented legs, eyes and antennae. Angler-friendly design yields easy rigging (with hookslot/hook pocket) and streamlined shape for max casting distance. The Kicker CrabZ’ keeled belly enhances retrieve stability. Expertly designed kicker claw produces movement and vibration at all retrieve speeds, including on the fall. Pairs perfectly with the Z-Man Pro BulletZ, SnakelockZ and ChinlockZ jigheads. Ten striking inshore colors available.


    • First-of-its-kind crab imitation that accurately imitates a sideways swimming crab
    • Realistic crustacean profile with lifelike body details including segmented legs, claws, eyes, and antennae
    • Kicker claw produces movement at all retrieve speeds and on the fall, just like the trailing claw of real crab as it moves through the water
    • Angler-friendly design allows for easy rigging and a streamlined shape that enhances casting distance and accuracy
    • Keeled belly for stability on straight retrieves and dorsal hook pocket for weedless rigging
    • Buoyant, 10X Tough ElaZtech® material mimics natural defensive claw posture while outlasting other softbaits

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